Symfony 4 – password saved in argon2i instead of bcrypt only on prod server

In my yaml security config file :

          algorithm: 'bcrypt'

In my user controller to modify password for user edit page :


On my developpement server in prod and dev environnement everythings work.But on my prod server symfony convert password in argon2i instead of bcrypt. I dont know why….So in my database for exemple stocked hashed password is "$argon2i$v=19$m=65536,t=4,p=1$aFRHTC5sQTZESXpOOVlFTA$NZvz/a0EkjL00cf9ZbYzuhiT+nMq13Dvr2Xp/lU78Lc" instead of bcrypt.

Someone would have any idea why UserPasswordEncoderInterface force argon2I only on my prod server instead of bcrypt which is set in the yaml security file?

Dev server : PHP 7.3.12.

Prod server : PHP 7.3.19

Symfony 4.4.5

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