Angular app in new browser tabs not working

I have two application the first one is developped on symfony 4 and it works perfectly, the other one is developped using angular.
i created a virtualhost file for the website where the angular app and symfony 4 works pefectly, the probléme is when i open the angular app in new tab it gives me a symfony error route not found instead of using the angular app :

No route found for "GET /reviewer/reviewerApp/info/21

the angular app works perfectely as single page app but when i use it as a link in other pages like href="" it doesn’t work.

i added this rewrite rule inside a virtualhost for the angular 8 app but it doesn’t work :

RewriteRule ^/reviewer/(.+)$ /opt/application/php/reviewerApp/index.html?path=$1 [L]

where /opt/application/php/reviewerApp/ is the folder of my angular 8 app.
can someone help me.
thanks in advance

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