How do I create system logs during authentication?

I was following the guide here and implemented basic authentication system:

However, I would like to add system logs to my application. To be precise, I would like:

  • to be able to insert a record with who successfully logged at what hour
  • to be able to record when someone tried to log and failed

I know that I can put logs in my SecurityController, like this:

public function login(AuthenticationUtils $authenticationUtils, Request $request, EntityManagerInterface $em): Response
    // if ($this->getUser()) {
    //     return $this->redirectToRoute('target_path');
    // }

    $log = new Logs();

        ->setDate(new DateTime())


    // get the login error if there is one
    $error = $authenticationUtils->getLastAuthenticationError();
    // last username entered by the user
    $lastUsername = $authenticationUtils->getLastUsername();

    return $this->render('security/login.html.twig', ['last_username' => $lastUsername, 'error' => $error]);

but it only gives me the information that someone was on the login page. What do I modify or add to get the other info?

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