Symfony Doctrine APCu cache not clearing, "apcu_store" returning false

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My PHP version is 7.4.3 and APCu extension is also configured and enabled. I’m using Doctrine APCu cache in my Symfony 4 application. Now whenever I try to clear the result or query or metadata cache I got following error.

php bin/console doctrine:cache:clear-result

// Clearing all Result cache entries                                                                                                                                                            
[ERROR] No cache entries were deleted.                                                                                 

Issue is only for Symfony App. In core PHP apcu_store is working fine. apcu_store returning false on my localhost for Symfony app only.

Below is my doctrine config file


        metadata_cache_driver: apcu
        query_cache_driver: apcu
        result_cache_driver: apcu   

Same code is working on my production but not on my local. Result not clearing.

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