TestCases are not included for Symfony 3.4 Php Project integration with Jenkins

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We have a Ssymfony 3.4 PHP project and We are integrating it with Jenkins for CICD .
While integrating it For TestCase Coverage and Sonar, we have done the below configurations in sonar properties File:


We are creating above coverage and testcase report file through phpunit command.


When we execute the scanner, It properly shows the coverage report but not the test cases counts and gives below error:

04:40:50.070 DEBUG: Following file is not located in the test folder specified in the Sonar configuration: /src/AcmeBundle/Test/ProductTest.php

As we know, Symfony 3.4 directory structure, we create test folder Inside the Bundle.
We have tried by adding sonar.test.inclusions = /src/AcmeBundle/Test/. But still it didn’t worked.

Please help for above issue.

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