Problems when updating Symfony 4.4 DoctrineMigrationsBundle from 2 to 3

I was running Symfony 4.4.8, and I wanted to update my project. So I ran:

composer update

It did automatically update the DoctrineMigrationsBundle ( from 2.1.2 to 3.0.1.

Composer failed at first because doctrine_migrations.yaml was not compatible with the DoctrineMigrationsBundle 3.0.1, so I ran:

composer recipes:install --force -v
composer install

But: it appears that the DoctrineMigrationsBundle v 3 has a totally different configuration and does not use the "migrations_versions" SQL table anymore, but a new "doctrine_migrations_versions"-table and a new migrations directory (‘%kernel.project_dir%/migrations’ instead of ‘%kernel.project_dir%/src/Migrations’).

This means that every time you do:

 php bin/console doctrine:migrations:diff

You will get in the migration:

 $this->addSql('DROP TABLE migration_versions');

I read at that you can set the table name in doctrine_migrations.yaml manually like this:

            'table_name': 'doctrine_migrations'

But that is of no use, because the v 3 table has an extra column "execution_time" and in the "version" column a namespace is prepended (e.g. "DoctrineMigrationsVersion20200702112735.php"). So both tables are incompatible.

I can’t find any information anywhere on properly upgrading DoctrineMigrationsBundle from v2 to v3.

I must say I am surprised by this, I thought that "composer update" was to be safe. Appearently, one of the symfony bundles didn’t add a version limit automatically where it should if an upgrade is not possible.

So what should I do? Should I just let composer downgrade the DoctrineMigrationsBundle again? Or is there some way to get an upgrade of DoctrineMigrationsBundle from v2 to v3 to work after all?

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