Update Category Tree with Gedmo on existing category entity

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I’m trying to use Gedmo on an existing category entity with SF 5 but I don’t know how to update the items that already are in my DB.

My Category entity has the Gedmo category fields with the annotations as written in the doc https://github.com/Atlantic18/DoctrineExtensions/blob/v2.4.x/doc/tree.md.

I’m writing a SF Command in order to update the different Gedmo fields for my existing data (lft, lvl, rgt, root, children). I already have the parent in my entity.

I tried to use this :


but nothing happened.

I wanted to create new categories but I have references in other tables and I lost the links between them because they had new IDs. (I use a custom UUID generator).

So how to update my database without losing relations between my tables ?

Thanks !

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