Increasing request per second performance in symfony and lowering CPU useage [closed]

  kubernetes, sylius, symfony

I’m currently involved in a very short timescale e-Commerce project for a very large client (expecting millions of users a day).

For numerous reasons Sylius became our choice of platform early on.

We’re nearing the end of development and I’m starting to notice issues with the framework and how it may struggle to scale.

We’re running on Kubernetes so the scaling should be doable. But the costs are going to be very high with the current figures.

In particular php-fpm has a CPU usage of about 100-200 millicores for just 1 request per second (Simple GET on homepage), that seems high?

Does anyone have any tips or experience for running a Sylius store or Symfony project at this scale? Any tweaks or packages etc I can try? I need to pump up my req/s as much as possible.

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