Ignore missing methods in setter injection

Ignore missing methods in setter injection

I’m using PHP traits as mixins to inject optional services, i.e.


trait Logger
    private LoggerInterface $logger;

    public function getLogger(): LoggerInterface
        return $this->logger;

     * Inject logger instance (called by the DI container)
    public function setLogger(LoggerInterface $logger): self
        $this->logger = $logger;

        return $this;

Then I use this trait in a class:

class UserService
    use Logger;
    /* ... */

Because this trait can be used in any class, I create a method injection call for all classes in App namespace to inject the logger:

    # ...
        - [setLogger, ['@monolog.logger']]

However, when Symfony encounters a service that doesn’t implement setLogger method, it throws an error saying ‘Invalid service: method “setLogger()” does not exist.’

Since this injection is supposed to be optional, is there a way to tell Symfony to ignore the call if the method does not exist?

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