Symfony4 intelephense bug visual studio code

Symfony4 intelephense bug visual studio code

I use a repository and i have a intelephense error,
Is it possible to disable this error, there is no error in the code it’s just that intelephense can’t find the repository because I use annotations

class ArticleRepository extends ServiceEntityRepository{

public function __construct(ManagerRegistry $registry)
      parent::__construct($registry, Article::class);

public function listingArticle($id):?array {
    $entityManager = $this->getEntityManager();

    $query = $entityManager->createQuery(
        'SELECT a
        FROM AppEntityArticle a
        WHERE > :id
        ORDER BY a.lastUpdateDate ASC'
    )->setParameter('id', $id);

    // returns an array of Product objects
    return $query->getResult();

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