What is best for making a blog on a react website? Frameworks, CMS, Flat File CMS

What I am looking for

I am looking for something to help me make and maintain blog posts on a react website. Of course I could just write every single blog post as a separate component or page but that seems….stupid and hard to work with for categories and tags if I wish to include them.

So do you guys have any suggestions?

I have seen Grav and Strapi but I have no knowledge of these items and do not know how well they would integrate with a react website.

Any of you who have experience please share 🙂


I am building my own personal website and I wish for it to feature things like a gallery, portfolio, blog and contact page respectively.
I am currently in the plan phase and I have just finished learning react server side routing. I am currently planning on how I want to handle a blog and blog posts but have no idea what direction to go in.

I have come across Grav and Strapi but don’t know if this applies to my usecase.

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