Is it possible to change cached Container folder name?

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I am currently working on the project that has over 20 cron jobs. Some of them are pretty long processes. It was built on Symfony 2.8, so we decided to upgrade it to 3.4 LTS.

After the upgrade we noticed that, if there is ongoing cron job (long process) and we push some changes to Prod environment we get this error:

Fatal Compile Error: require(): Failed opening required '/.../cache/prod/

Turns out, that when we deploy the changes, cached container (in var/cache/prod/ContainerXXXXXX) changed the XXXXXX value. Or in other words, we clear the cache (during deploy) and then it generates new Container in cache directory. More about this problem: .

So, my question (and idea) is, is it possible to make cache Container directory name always the same? Maybe any ideas how?

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