how can I install one newer symfony package with flex

I want to have an app in symfony 3.4, but to have symfony/dotenv in v4. The dotenv package in version 4.4.8 supports symfony/process 3.4.

But when I run composer update, it fails and only lists 3.4.* as candidate versions. This is probably restricted by extra.symfony.require: 3.4.* in composer.json.

I know it works at least in some cases. I have a project in symfony 3.4 which uses symfony/http-client 4.3. Does this only work because there is no older version?

Where can I find more information about dependency restricting by symfony/flex?

Here are some sources I know:


And here the clearest one:

  1. How composer `extra.symfony.require` restriction is enforced?

When extra.symfony.require is a soft requirement (text from 1.), what does this mean? Does this match to 4.?

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