FullCalendarBundle handle event error in symfony 3.4

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I installed fullcalendarbundle, and I configured it as it is mentioned on the Github
https://github.com/tattali/CalendarBundle/blob/master/src/Resources/doc/doctrine-crud.md#3-create-the-crud, I can display the calendar. But when I try to create calendar event. I have error

The "AppBundleRepositoryCalendarEventsRepository" entity repository implements "DoctrineBundleDoctrineBundleRepositoryServiceEntityRepositoryInterface", but its service could not be found. Make sure the service exists and is tagged with "doctrine.repository_service". 

Here is my repository

namespace AppBundleRepository;
use AppBundleEntityCalendarEvents;
use DoctrineBundleDoctrineBundleRepositoryServiceEntityRepository;
use SymfonyBridgeDoctrineRegistryInterface;
class CalendarEventsRepository extends ServiceEntityRepository
    public function __construct(RegistryInterface $registry)
        parent::__construct($registry, CalendarEvents::class);

My services.yml configured like this.

  #default configuration for services in *this* file

        autowire: true
        autoconfigure: true
        public: false

        resource: '../../src/AppBundle/*'
        exclude: '../../src/AppBundle/{Entity,Repository,Tests}'

        resource: '../../src/AppBundle/Controller'
        public: true
        tags: ['controller.service_arguments']

   # AppBundleServiceExampleService:
   #   arguments:
   #          $someArgument: 'some_value'
   #   AppBundleTwigPlanningExtension:
   #         tags: ['twig.extension']
   # adding the required tag to all repository services

   #   arguments:
   #      - '@doctrine.orm.entity_manager'
   #      - '@=service("doctrine.orm.entity_manager").getClassMetadata("AppBundleEntityCalendarEvents")'
   #   tags:
        # - { name: doctrine.repository_service }

I’m on symfony 3.4. I looked for several solutions without success, if you have a solution. I will be glad you help me.

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