Monorepo development process development [closed]

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For our company and my own interests we’re building an monorepo like Symfony, Laravel and Symplify.

I’ve created a real small monorepo to learn the mono way.

Monorepo: (v0.1.0)
Package: (v0.1.0)

Versioning the monorepo and package (packagist) is not an problem (when writing this question tag v0.1.0 is added)
What i don’t understand is the development proces, or in other words when the page-bundle needs a new feature.

Is my symmono/symmono my app (for developing features)? Because this is the place where all composer replaces are, so when i require a package let say symmony/page-bundle this is not working, it only says:
Using version ^0.1.0 for symmono/page-bundle, but is never install and added to vendor.

Let me try to sketch my current situation
enter image description here

Or do i need another application that is calling packages or monorep, like below image?
enter image description here

Hope someone could explain the development way when working with an monorepo

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