Laravel eloquent get details from related table

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I don’t understand how to return info back to blade template if I have two related tables:

First table is standard Laravel ‘users’ table
Second table:

Schema::create('recipes', function (Blueprint $table) {
    $table->string('code', 10);


Than I have two Controllers: User and Recipe
Recipe have

public function user()
    return $this->belongsTo(AppUser::class);

and User have

public function recipes()
    return $this->hasMany(AppRecipe::class);

actual output looks like this (RecipesController):

$recipes = Recipe::latest()->paginate($perPage);
return view('', compact('recipes'));

everything looks OK but column created_by contain users primary key witch is integer. How can I display users name? This is something like inner join but is it possible to do that in eloquent? Or I completely misunderstanding those public functions in a Model?

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