Symfony Doctrine DQL how to add SELECT in a SUM of a main SELECT

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Actually, i would like to reproduce with Doctrine this regular SQL Query :

SELECT SUM(b.nb_places * (SELECT pricing FROM param p WHERE BETWEEN p.from_date AND p.to_date)) as gains from booking b INNER JOIN tour t ON b.tour_id =;

That compute total gains according prices between two dates.

I wrote this DQL in a Repository :

    public function allBooking() {
        $query = $this->manager->createQuery(
                 SUM(b.nbPlaces * SELECT p.pricing FROM AppEntityParam p WHERE BETWEEN p.fromDate AND p.toDate)
        FROM AppEntityBooking b JOIN b.tour t'
    return $query->getResult();

But running this query, i got :

[Syntax Error] line 0, col 24: Error: Expected Literal, got 'SELECT' (500 Internal Server Error)

How do i acheive this query with DQL or using QueryBuilder ?

Thx for help

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