How to add a prefix to migrated tables in Symfony 5

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I’m currently learning as I go, building a Symfony 5 application which shares a database with an existing PHP project. My question is regarding adding a prefix to all tables created by doctrine migrations. I’ve found a couple of references to what I’m looking to do, but I’m struggling with their implementation due to some of the references being a little outdated and the older versions having different directory structures etc.

This link looked to be promising but I’m unsure where this should be added, it says:

You create this file in your library/DoctrineExtensions directory

I can’t find any directories similar to it.

Something like this but for symfony 5?
How to setup table prefix in symfony2

Also I looked at this but I got an error message when attempting to require it in composer:

Problem 1
– Installation request for borsaco/doctrine-prefix-bundle ^1.0 -> satisfiable by borsaco/doctrine-prefix-bundle[1.0.0].
– borsaco/doctrine-prefix-bundle 1.0.0 requires symfony/framework-bundle ^3.4|^4.0 -> no matching package found.

Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated

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