liip_imagine [ inside Sylius] not caching images on linux

liip_imagine [ inside Sylius] not caching images on linux

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Hello i’m trying to set up my firt e-commerce App with sylius, and that not easy with documentation.
So, i will create a new product with admin panel, product will be create with success, but if i return to the shop the first images will be cached by liip ( that really cool, Thank you Sylius ! ), i click on my product for enter on it but if i’m inside the new created product, the product images will be not cached.
I have trying to cache manually but that not work, i only have the same error : cannot resolve cache from root but i not specify the root path i only specify the path to image like this → images/******.jpg
Steps to reproduce

– >Full install Sylius and try to create a new product.

Possible Solution

I don’t know this bug it’s the 2nd time liip_imagine does this to me.
Thank you for any one want to help you are my sun :sun_with_face:

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