How to receive Childrens inherited datas from an Entity that is having a JOINED relation with it parent

according to the following structure i need to receive the data “name”(from entity Media) and the data “ext” (from Entity Image) when i use a findAllRequest from the template repository.

class Template {
   Zone $Zone(@ORMOne to Many)

class Zone {
  Media $media(@ORMOne to Many)

class Media{

class Image extends Media{

For the moment i currently receive the Template Datas in this form (using the method Zone=> setMedia(Image $image) to add the media in the zone Entity)

Template => 
id 1
zones => [
id => 1
  media => [
  id => 2,
  name => media1

Why the ext information from the Media herited class ‘Image’ is missing in the datas received ? How can i get them ?

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