Symfony form builder: How to iterate/render dynamic amount of text fields in twig? (Sylius – exta checkout step)

I added an extra checkout step to the Sylius checkout procedure and I am trying to add 1 text field per instance of an ordered item. Thus having put 3x itemA and 1x itemB in cart should spawn 4 text fields.

I have this code so far in the form builder (based on code from here:

        $builder->add('myCollection', CollectionType::class, $formOptions);

        $totalCounter = 0;
        /** @var OrderItem $item */
        foreach($order->getItems() as $item) {
            for($itemCounter = 0 ; $itemCounter < $item->getQuantity(); $itemCounter++ ) {
                $builder->get('myCollection')->add('item_' . $totalCounter, TextType::class, $formOptions);

First Question: Is this the right approach for the form builder for my particular scenario, and secondly: If yes, how do I read from this in the twig template?

form.children.myCollection does exist but does not seem to contain these children, so that I could use them with the form_row function. What I would have expected is something like this:

{% set totalCounter = 0 %}
{% for item in order.items %}
    {% for itemCounter in 1..item.quantity %}
        {% set totalCounter = totalCounter + 1 %}
        {{  form_row(form.children.myCollection['item_' ~ totalCounter ]) }}
    {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

Any idea how to do this? Thanks for any hint in advance!

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