database access impossible with Symfony app (OVH Server) [duplicate]

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I created an app with Symfony working perfectly in dev environment bue can’t connect to databse in prod environment.

  • Host : OVH
  • subscription : gold created in octobre 2016
  • Datacenter : Gravelines 1
  • Version php 7.1 (but same in 7.2, I just changed to have the same as
    in dev environment)
  • Mysql verion : 5.6
  • Database supplied with the offer
  • Phpmyadmin connection: OK
  • PDO connection via simple php script: OK
  • Description of database in symfony .env file

DATABASE_URL=mysql://nombase1:[email protected]:3306/nombase1?serverVersion=5.6

  • return error when i try doctrine:migrations:migrate

An exception occurred in driver: SQLSTATE [HY000] [2002] Connection
timed out

These errors are probably trivial, but after a full weekend of research on the forums, various and varied tests and a call to the OVH hotline which refers me to the symfony hotline, I decide to open a post.

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