How password hash and salt stored in Symphony database?

I am migrating a project from Symphony to Django. I need to import all users with passwords.

To do this I need to know how passwords are stored in the database. For each user password I need to know 4 things:

  • the algorithm was used to generate hash

  • number of iterations

  • the salt was used to generate hash

  • resulted hash

The project built on Symphony 3.4. The developers said to me that they are used default hashing algorithm and it is SHA512

I suppose the number of iterations is 1.

Left to find a salt and result hash. Both should be stored in the database.

In the password field in the database stored strings like this:

I expect to find a hash and a salt here
here are 88 symbols.
SHA512 has a 64 bytes long hash.

What is the format of data stored in this field?
Is both a hash and a salt stored here?

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