PHP login button keeps redirecting to itself

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I am working on an exiting PHP project, my first task is to make this project work locally so I set up the environment and the project seemed to work properly, I want to mention that the project architecture is a bit weird for me and you can see it throw the image below, the manager said that this is the latest version of the source code so I thought to look on configuration files like Kernel.php and I changed the Base and Url constants as you can see in the images below, After changing the Kernel the css looked fine but the problem is that I am stuck at the login page: after clicking on the login button the page refresh, by consoling I can see that that the parameters exists correctly but the response is the same login page. I tried many possible solutions during this week but I couldn’t get the login button working correctly, also, I don’t know exactly what technologies are being used in this project because the manager is saying that it is native PHP but there is a Bundle called Account so it could be a Symfony integration in this project but there is no routing files or even composer, I really want to know where problem exactly is because this is the first I ever see such project and such problems, you can find below many pictures showing the project architecture and and the Login code, Thanks.

Here is the architecture of the project:


In this file ($signin->isValid()) is always returning false and isValid() function is located in a file called Phpwag.php under the folder external:


Even when I delete the code in the image below the parameters will stay existing in the console and the page will be redirecting to itself.


That’s why I am sharing with you the commons.js file because it could be ajax blocking the redirecting action:


And here is the code I updated in the kernel.php file, the url or base contants may be wrongly configured :


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