Doctrine 2, association mapping with conditions

I have a similar problem and DB structure:

Doctrine2 association mapping with conditions

But, I need collections of Article with approved comments:

How to do assotiation mapping, that do without N+1 ?

$articles = $repository->findAllArticlesWithApprovedComments();

    Foreach($articles as $article){
       foreach($article->getAprovedComments() as $comment){

Criteria worked, if i use lazy load, but its N+1 problem. If I use Eager load (join and addSelect ) – Criteria not work.

If I use this code:

$articles = $em->createQueryBuilder()
            ->andWhere('comments.approved= :ap ')

I will receive articles with approved comments, but if the article has 0 comments, it will not fall into the collection of articles.

How to get articles with approved comments, but if there are no comments in the article, the article remains in the collection?

I have in DB:

Article1: [approvedComment, nonAprovedComment]
Article2: [nonAprovedComment]
Article3: [approvedComment]

I need result (with doctrine, non filter in code):

Article1: [approvedComment]
Article2: []
Article3: [approvedComment]

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