Right way to use docker and bitnami/symfony to work with existing Symfony repository? [closed]

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I’m trying to start using docker and in my case the image of bitnami/symfony. I have an existing code using as deployment a virtual machine.

I understand that I have to create a new folder with the docker-compose.yml and Dockerfile and a directory with my symfony code, without vendor, var and app directories, but I’m wondering the following questions:

  1. How I integrate the ‘always the latest version’ of bitnami with my specific components for my project? I add rules into Docker and the deployment will try to install the latest each time?
  2. Following the previous question: Is it right to use this approach? I understand that on a production environment, at the end I’ll need a stable environment and not one that can break everytime I build the containers, isn’t it?
  3. How I populate a test DB for the environment? I have to do the same, exporting a mysqldump and importing in the Dockerfile as a command?


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