LiipImagineBundle does not render image with filter

I followed all instructions to install LiipImagineBundle, with default configuration :

# app/config/config.yml
            web_path: ~

        cache: ~

        # the name of the "filter set"

            # adjust the image quality to 75%
            quality: 75

            # list of transformations to apply (the "filters")

                # create a thumbnail: set size to 120x90 and use the "outbound" mode
                # to crop the image when the size ratio of the input differs
                thumbnail: { size: [120, 90], mode: outbound }

                # create a 2px black border: center the thumbnail on a black background
                # 4px larger to create a 2px border around the final image
                background: { size: [124, 94], position: center, color: '#000000' }

The problem is that it does not render with the default filter :

<img src="{{ asset('/relative/path/to/image.jpg') | imagine_filter('my_thumb') }}" />

If i put the image without the filter, it renders, so it is not a problem of image location.

With the filter, the link to the image that is generated is :


And no image is created, no media folder (which normaly should be created for caching the image).

I really dont know where is the problem, but i suspect it is related with APACHE.

Any help would be appreciated


when I use the console command, the images are created :

php bin/console liip:imagine:cache:resolve app/img/tabadoul-cover.jpg


I tried to install the bundle on a new symfony project (3.4.36), and the problem persists when I use wampserver. BUT when i use the symfony server :

php bin/console server:run

the image is displayed !

So it is a problem of apache configuration …

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